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The US Fish and Wildlife Service's 2000 Biological Opinion found that the Corps' continued Operation and Maintenance of the 9-ft Channel Navigation Project on the Upper Mississippi River (UMR) will jeopardize the continued existence of the federally endangered Higgins eye pearlymussel (Lampsilis higginsii). In response, the Corps established the Mussel Coordination Team (MCT) with a Partnership Agreement signed by agency heads of five Federal agencies, five state agencies and one non-profit organization.

Because of the vast amount of mussel data being collected as part of the MCT conservation efforts, there was a strong need to develop a standardized geospatial database for storing survey and relocation data. The adopted web-based approach offers several advantages over other stand-alone data management approaches. It provides increased data integrity; sophisticated relationships; database check in/out tools; and a simplified user interface. The standardized data structure will enhance data collaboration; reduce costs on customized query tools; streamline reporting functions; and facilitate system-wide project planning and resource modeling. Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory developed the Oracle 10g database and web application. The database is password protected with various levels of protection. The database stores Upper Mississippi River Basin mussel survey data from over 200 Federal, state, and contractor projects collected since the mid-1980s.

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